Child Development

Your Three Year Old Child
Did you know that your three year old child should be able to dress her/himself? Why are you still doing it? If you think your child is too young, if not now, when?

Dressing skills are critical for hardwiring your child’s brain. It encourages balance, increases hand strength in preparation for printing, enhances eye hand coordination in preparation for reading and a host of independent problem solving skills.

Start by having your child choose what to wear within reason. Encourage your child to at least try to put on his/her own clothes. Allow time for this. If you are constantly in a hurry and simply dressing your child to get out the door, try to get started earlier. Your child needs time to develop skills. Shoes and boots need time as well. Your child should be able to manage her/his own shoes independently by the age of 3.

Remember, your child is only a year and a half away from kindergarten. She/he is going to need all these skills and more at school.

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