Over the years I have had the joy of teaching and challenging students. Each one has something to teach me. This bright, challenging, and unique little girl(3) always made my drama classes just that much more fun. Here is the story of Lola and her valiant attempts to tell the Think Sun’s version of “The Queen of Hearts”.

The King of Hearts made some tarts all on a winter’s day. (So far so good)…

The Knave of Hearts stole the tarts….dead silence…Knight says “Oh Mrs. Khallad! It’s not looking good!”

Up pops Lola…oops Queen of Hearts inside of castle. She shouts, “Wake up Taras!” “Ya gots ta takes the tarts!” She looks aghast! She takes Taras by the hand…”here Taras ya havta take the tarts…” Taras stares in confusion…Lola places tarts in Taras’ hands. She looks at Mrs. Khallad with barely restrained patience.

“Well I guess I havta take him back to the castle”.

The King of Hearts called for his tarts…again dead silence…By this time Lola is barely able to restrain herself. “William! Ya hasta look for the tarts!” William is looking confused…Lola’s head pops up from the castle once more. “Here William…ya havta look for the tarts-see? No tarts!” dead silence…

And looked behind the door…

Lola sighs…William still looks confused. “Well I guess I have to take him back to the castle now”.

The Knave of Hearts brought back the tarts…didn’t happen. Lola took Taras by the hand and led him back.

And so ends Lola’s One Woman Show! I look forward to seeing my girl accept her academy award in future years.

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