What does my child need to know for kindergarten?

Every parent wants their child to do well in school. Too many parents think that preparing their preschoolers for kindergarten involves knowing ABC’S and numbers. They couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s a checklist of skills your four year old should be able to do by the time he/she enters kindergarten.


§ Dressing skills including independently putting on jackets, shoes, boots, hats, etc. Can your child hang up his/her own coat with little help?

§. Independent feeding skills including opening, closing lunch bags, containers. Can your child eat with a fork? Cut with a knife? While cutting with a knife will likely not be done at school, it does indicate hand strength. If your child is unable to manage eating with utensils, how is she/he going to manage a pencil for printing?

§. Is your child able to speak to a teacher to voice needs such as going to the washroom? Can she/he take care of sanitary issues like independent wiping?

§. Can your child accomplish a task in a certain amount of time with a minimum of supervision?

§. Can your child listen to three instructions and carry them out?

§. How does your child handle disappointment? Boredom? Excitement? If your child dissolves at the first hint of disappointment, needs constant supervision, or cannot self regulate, it is time to be working on those skills.

§. Can your child play? Some children have difficulty playing with their peers. Ensure that he/she gets opportunities to practice social skills.

§. Can your child sit on the floor comfortably or does he/she flop over after a couple of minutes? This may indicate weak core muscles.

All of these skills are practiced in a preschool setting, but can be done at home as well. However, if your child is having difficulty in any specific area mentioned above, a licensed preschool has access to more assistance and is an excellent resource for ensuring that your child flourishes in kindergarten.

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