Halloween Hangovers

There are several schools of thought on how candy is handled by parents.

There is the “doling out” one piece at a time. This works if you have a child willing to abide by the one piece per day rule. However, there are children who decide one piece isn’t working for them and then there is the inevitable sneaking and denial scenarios. It becomes a tiresome battleground for all. Over the years, I have observed that children with limitations on candy/sugar tend to be the ones where “both hands aren’t enough” in wolfing down the sugar at every opportunity.

Next up is the trading candy for toys etc. This is a much better scenario in that the child is getting a reward and it won’t involve rotten teeth. This works very well for children with allergies as well. They can take part in the fun and still be safe.

Finally, there is my personal favourite. Let the children eat however much they want. No limits. A lot of parents are convinced their children will never limit themselves on candy. I promise you that the vast majority will have eaten their fill inside of a day. Yes, he/she may eat so much their tummy hurts or worse throw up. But! In reality this is a life lesson with natural consequences. Your children will not do it again and you will not be the candy police. Nor is your child’s teeth going to rot with a couple days of sugar. It is the long term diet that counts.

At Think Sun Preschool, we deliberately schedule a lesson on teeth and how to be healthy the day after Halloween. We have a tooth model and we talk about brushing away the sugar bugs sticking to teeth. The children are very aware of healthy snacks and have excellent ideas on how much candy is ok. We talk about how much their tummy holds by having them look at their clenched fist. We then demonstrate that they need to fill it with healthy food first and then have the treats.

Parents have many more important battles ahead in raising healthy humans. Battling over Halloween candy should not be one of them.

Happy Halloween everyone 🎃😊









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