Early intervention for preschoolers

Did you know that Alberta Education provides funding for preschoolers that promote growth and development during the critical early years? This funding is provided to preschoolers attending an approved preschool and we are proud to say that Think Sun Preschool is one of the Alberta Education approved preschools. Our chosen agency is Big Plans and they have been successfully assisting our preschool students for many years.

This umbrella agency offers free services including English Language Learning, occupational therapy, speech, behavioral therapy, and physical therapy. These amazing therapists will come to your home, or use our preschool facility after school hours or between classes. In some cases, our children have received close to $20,000 in free early intervention therapy. These children then go on to kindergarten better prepared and equipped to meet the challenges of kindergarten.

Speech therapy is offered individually. Speech by the way encompasses more than pronunciation of sounds and words. If your child is extremely shy or lacks social skills, these amazing therapists, along with the preschool teachers assist and prepare these children for a kindergarten class. We have seen shy children literally transformed into confident and happy learners eager to tackle new challenges.

How do you know if your child needs assistance? You don’t until your child is screened. Some parents have been shocked when they learn that their child has deficits in, for example, fine motor skills. With a year of individual occupational therapy, most of these children are leaping into kindergarten.

There is no waiting list. Your child will have the advantage of trained therapists who will provide you and your child with first class free therapy. Take advantage of your tax dollars at work and give your children every advantage for their futures.

The catch? Your child must be registered in an approved licensed preschool such as Think Sun Preschool.

Yes, combining preschool and daycare can be tricky. But it is a ten month investment that has a lifetime reward for your child. Talk to us about logistics and ensuring that your child is able to access quality programming and therapy. We’ve dedicated 30 years to educating and preparing preschoolers for a kindergarten class.

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