What Does My Child Need To Know For Kindergarten?

All parents want their child to do well in school. Too many parents think that preparing their preschoolers for kindergarten simply involves their child knowing ABC’S, numbers and colours. They couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s a checklist of skills your four year old should be able to do by the time he/she enters kindergarten. If your child does not have these skills right now, don’t panic! But it is time to get to work before September. Your child can accomplish a lot of these skills with time and pat on your part.


1. Can your child dress her/himself independently? This includes boots, shoes and coat.
2. Can your child speak to a teacher and communicate needs?
3. Can your child attend to toileting independently?
4. Can your child listen and follow three oral instructions and carry them out with minimum assistance?
5. Can your child draw shapes? Circles, triangles, etc?
6. Can your child sit on the floor without flopping over or leaning? Why? It signals weak core muscles if they can’t sit without flopping over.
7. Can your child join in independently to play with other children?
8. Can your child hold a crayon in the “tripod” grasp or does she/he “fist” colour?
9. Can your child open/close snack bags independently? Can he/she hold utensils independently?
10. Can your child use scissors independently?
11. Can your child print her/his name or recognize letters in her/his name?
12. Does your child know her/his phone number? Address?
13. Can your child hop? Jump? Balance on one foot?

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