Books aren’t just for bedtime

Raising a reader in these times of technological gadgets is becoming more and more difficult. I am observing children who think that books are for bedtime only. They think that picking up a book at other times of the day is odd.

Ensure that your children are surrounded by books. Screen time should only be used in cases of long plane trips, long car rides (not in the city), or doctor offices. No preschooler needs an iPad or any other device. Get your child picking up a book instead of a device.

Furthermore, if the only thing you are reading is your email on your phone, then ask yourself how your child is going to enjoy books or reading? Children copy what they see. If you don’t read books, then your child is not going to read books willingly.

Why is reading books so important? It hardwires your child’s brain. Books open up a child’s imagination and enhances cognitive skills. Fine motor skills are worked on turning pages. Books build vocabulary and communication skills.

Utilize your child’s preschool and school book clubs to build an inexpensive library. Utilize our wonderful libraries. If you do all this, you will see your child pick up a book voluntarily just as often as playing with their toys. Furthermore, your child will enter kindergarten with a head start on reading and a love for books.

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